I managed to work on this formula in school, but I think I invented this formula directly from scratch at school.

Physics Formula

for example, I used the formula for calculating newtons but it could be pretty accurate depending on something else we need, the formula is very new and needs some work before it can be put into common use, it's an entirely new formula I've invented.

The formula was used only in one area in a local school a few months ago and it is a pretty new formula, because the physics may help to assist it.

This is what I do to convert the formula into newtons, the formula is extended to somewhat fit the needs of very complex things, and this is the formula, and it was surprisingly accurate!

  • This is a brand new formula, so it needs work before it can be put into common use.
Physical Formula for one thing
If I know when this formula is going to be released, but It's there, I know if sometimes, the formula doesn't work on something, and failure is okay.


The purpose of this formula involves physics.