Simplifying can refer to:

Example of reducing the number of terms

1*x + 3 - 4*x + 8

Add terms.
=5*x + 11

Example of reducing the number of factors


Multiply factors.

Example of multiple forms of simplification


Multiply factors.

Add terms.

Write the numerator and denominator as products of their prime factors:

The common factors are 2, 2, 5 and x. Divide numerator and denominator by 2*2*5*x:
= \frac{2*2*x}{1} = {2*2*x}

Multiply factors.

Example of Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

-2(x-9)/6 + 9(b-x-y)/7

-2x+18/6 + 9b-9x-9y/7

-2x + 18 + 9b - 9x - 9y/42


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