Pentagonal dipyramid
Pentagonale bipiramide
J12 - J13 - J14
Faces10 triangles
Face configurationV4.4.5
Symmetry groupD5h
Dualpentagonal prism
Propertiesconvex, face-transitive, (deltahedron)

In geometry, the pentagonal dipyramid (or bipyramid) is third of the infinite set of face-transitive dipyramids.

The set of dipyramids is the dual of the uniform prisms.

It is also a Johnson solid (J13), constructed of regular polygons. It can be seen as two pentagonal pyramids (J2) connected along their bases.

As a Johnson solid, it is a convex deltahedron. Although it is face-transitive, it is not a Platonic solid because some vertices have four faces meeting and others have five faces.

Pentagonal dipyramid
The Johnson solid 13 is made of 10 equilateral triangles.

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eo:Kvinlatera dupiramidonl:Vijfhoekige bipiramidept:Bipirâmide pentagonal


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