1-I 2-II 3-III 4-IV 5-V 6-VI 7-VII 8-VIII 9-IX 10-X 11-XI 12-XII 13-XIII 14-XIV 15-XV 16-XVI 17-XVII 18-XVIII 19-XIX 20-XX 21-XXI 22-XXII 23-XXIII 24-XXIV 25-XXV 26-XXVI 27-XXVII 28-XXVIII 29-XXIX 30-XXX 40-XL 50-L 60-LX 70-LXX 80-LXXX 90-XC 100-C 200-CC 300-CCC 400-CD 500-D 600-DC 700-DCC 800-DCCC 900-CM 1,000-M 1,500-MD 2,000-MM

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