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In addition to this English Mathematics Wikia, there are several "sister wikia" in other languages. Interlanguage links are available among pages in those wikia.

Language Wikia name Prefix Founded By Oldest/newest
Article count
English Mathematics en: 2005-05-26 Localhost00 old / new Statistics
Spanish Matemática es: 2005-09-05 Voynich old / new Estadísticas
German WikiMath de: 2005-12-17 Gallois old / new Statistik
French WikiaMaths fr: 2006-07-11 Clembou old / new Statistiques
Russian Математика ru: 2007-02-21 Adrianov old / new Статистика
Korean 호정원 추론수학 MIC (Mathematics in Context) Project ko: 2007-04-21 Freejwho old / new 통계
Romanian MathWiki ro: 2011-08-28 Nicolae Coman old / new Statistici
Japanese 数学 Wiki ja: 2014-05-12 Kyodaisuu old / new Statistics
Chinese 中文數學百科 Wiki zh: 2010-06-13 K1234567890y old / new Statistics

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