Hexagonal Bifrustum
Hexagonal bifrustum
Faces12 trapezoids, 2 hexagons
Symmetry groupD6h
Dual polyhedronelongated hexagonal dipyramid

The hexagonal bifrustum or truncated bipyramid is the fourth in an infinite series of bifrustum polyhedra. It has 12 trapezoid and 2 hexagonal faces.

This polyhedron can be constructed by taking a hexagonal dipyramid and truncating the polar axis vertices, making it into two end-to-end frustums.

A sapphire or ruby crystal is an example of a hexagonal bifrustum.

It has been used for a decorative polyhedral monthly calendar, with one month on each trapezoid face. (regular and rhombic dodecahedra have also been used for calendar months.)

eo:Seslatera dutrunko

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