Set of elongated dipyramids
Elongated hexagonal dipyramid
Faces2n triangles,
n squares
Symmetry groupDnh
Dual polyhedronbifrustums

In geometry, the elongated dipyramids are an infinite set of polyhedra, constructed by elongating an n'-agonal bipyramid (by inserting an n-agonal prism between its congruent halves).

There are three elongated dipyramids that are Johnson solids made from regular triangles and squares. Higher forms can be constructed with isosceles triangles.


Elongated triangular dipyramid Elongated square dipyramid Elongated pentagonal dipyramid Elongated hexagonal dipyramid

eo:Plilongigita dupiramidoth:พีระมิดคู่อีลองเกต

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