A Dodecagram is a polygram with 12 lines and angles. like all polygrams, it has at least 1 intersecting line. a Regular Pentagram is what most people call a star.

Star figures

There are 3 regular dodecagram star figures, {12/2} (2{6}), {12/3} (3{4}) and {12/4} (4{3}). The first is a compound of two hexagons, the second is a compound of three squares and the last is a compound of four triangles.

 ==Dodecagrams in polyhedra==

Dodecagrams can also be incorporated into polyhedra. Below are the three prismatic uniform polyhedra containing dodecagrams.

==Complete graph==Superimposing all the dodecagons and dodecagrams on each other – including the degenerate compound of six digons (line segments), {12/6} – produces the complete graph K12
11-simplex graph

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