These are pages in the Help: and Mathematics: namespaces that primarily provide help on different aspects of the wiki interface for readers and editors (as opposed to, say, policy matters tied more directly to this particular wiki).

Most of the pages in the Help: namespace currently only direct readers to Help pages elsewhere — in particular:

  • Central Wikia — help pages most relevant to us as a Wikia wiki, but not as much information as below
  • Wikipedia — the most extensive set of help pages, but much of it Wikipedia-specific
  • Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki — help pages relevant to all Wikimedia projects (of which we are not one, but we use the same software)
  • MediaWiki — user manual for the MediaWiki software itself

See also Category:Project pages for other "helpful" pages on this wiki.

Pages in category "Help pages"

The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total.

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