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• 1/12/2019

Which trend line best fits the data?

I am currently forecasting PewDiePie vs T-Series. Which trend line best fits this data? Linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, or polynomial?

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• 6/4/2018

Integer Overflow

An integer overflow is a mathematical error in computer science.
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• 6/4/2018

Adding other known errors/fallacies

I know some famous examples
- Integer Overflow
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• 3/15/2018

I invented a brand new formula several months ago

I invented a new formula but I created it from scratch.
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• 3/12/2018

Math Wiki for school

Hi All,

I'm a secondary school teacher in Australia who has need for a wiki-style space for my colleagues and students. Rather than create a new wiki from scratch, I wonder if contributions here would be a better way to go about it. Any guidance from the current community would be appreciated.

A few observations from a quick look around:

- The community here appears to have ebbed and flowed over quite a few years. How large/active is the current community?

- The main focus of the wiki appears to be tertiary/research level "math nerd" stuff. While I appreciate that material, it's not very helpful or accessible for my students. Bluntly, the claim that "math wiki is a textbook" is not (yet) justified.

- the overall structure and connections within the wiki are really hard to navigate, especially if you don't already have a pretty good understanding of the math.

I'd be keen to lead a group of educators in the following tasks if the current community would welcome the contribution:

- create a simple template for individual skills/concepts that lays out the following for each:
* skill/concept name
* description in language accessible to the education level typical of someone learning that skill.
* worked example (with graphics where possible)
* links to additional material, especially where automated practice of the skill can be done (eg. Khan Academy exercises)
* reference to textbook pages that have this skill (this will grow to fit the number of different education systems represented by the community)
* application of the skill/concept outside the realm of mathematics (aka "real world"
* prerequisite skills/concepts (linked to the corresponding wiki pages)
* follow-on skills/concepts (linked to the corresponding wiki pages)

- Migrating existing pages to this template

- Creating and populating new pages as required

In reality, most of this activity would probably have no impact on most of what goes on in this wiki as the current focus is post-secondary material.

Please let me know if this approach is likely to help or hurt Math Wiki.


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• 11/7/2017

1/0 and integral of 1/x

Since 1/0 is undefined you would think that the integral of x-1 would be undefined too but instead its ln(x).
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 5/12/2016

Fun with LaTeX

Have you created something interesting with LaTex? Post it here! (If you don't know how, just put some code between the <math></math> tags.)

Here's mine:
Here's the code:

<math>\Alpha\alpha\ \Beta\beta\ \Gamma\gamma\ \Delta\delta\ \Epsilon\epsilon\ \Zeta\zeta\ \Eta\eta\ \Theta\theta\ \Iota\iota\ \Kappa\kappa\ \Lambda\lambda\ \Mu\mu\ \Nu\nu\ \Xi\xi\ \Omicron\omicron\ \Pi\pi\ \Rho\rho\ \Sigma\sigma\ \Tau\tau\ \Upsilon\upsilon\ \Phi\phi\ \Chi\chi\ \Psi\psi\ \Omega\omega</math>
(Yes, I memorized all this.)
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• 5/1/2016

Ways to Improve Math Wiki

Build a Community portal.
Add in new features to attract more users and bring in more new stuffs like a monthly magazine of math or something.
Make it more student friendly
There are many copied contents from wikipedia. DELETE THEM!
We need to have a newsletter.
Hey, guys these were some of the suggestions written by me on my Userprofile. I felt the need to point them out here on the forums. I couldn't find an appropriate board to discuss this on so I did it her on Q&A board.
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• 3/5/2016

2016 Logo Redesign

There is a serious discussion of redesigning the logo at Mathematics:Logo.
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• 12/16/2015


It is high time we have a proper navigation bar so that users can find it easy to navigate through pages. Though we have a good list for different math fields on the main page but i think it is a must to have a few important links on the navbar above so that we can make it easy for someone while heshe is on some page other than the main page.
The navbar needs serious coding commitment.
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• 10/13/2015

What's the point?: Questions about this wiki

How is wiki this different from the various wikipedia pages on mathematics?  The old What's the point? discussion section doesn't really answer this question.  What makes this wikia distinct from the various well-edited and complete wikipedia pages on mathematics?
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• 7/3/2015

Monoids in Category Theory

I don't have a strong math background (engineering math) so I am at a bit of a disadvantage here but I have been trying to learn the broad strokes of Category Theory to help get a fuller picture of some of the Functional programming languages I use (Haskell, Scala, F#, etc.).
I am reading 'An Introduction to Category Theory' by Harold Simmons and ran into something in the first chapter regarding Monoids that leaves me a bit confused.
He states that a Monoid is a structure (R, *, 1) where R is a set, * is a binary operation on R and 1 is an element of R that functions as an identity element.  So far, so good.
He goes on to state that a monoid morphism between two monoids:
p: R -> S
is a function that respects the structure of the monoids.  He then explains that this means:
p(r*s) = p(r) * p(s),  and p(1) = 1
where r and s are elements of R.
The question I have is that this seems to make certain assumptions: specifically, that R and S are the same monoid.  I say this since p(r) is a morphism from R to S and * is defined for R, but not necessarily for S. 
Have I missed something here?
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• 6/25/2015

My original research

What is the policy of math wiki about original research?
Can I use Math Wiki to advertise my: 1. published original research; 2. yet unpublished original research?
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• 6/19/2015
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• 3/4/2015

The + symbol in a Complex number

Hi guys,
I always have trouble in understand the way we should perceive complex numbers. Is The plus sign in a complex number, for example in a+ib, adding the real part with imaginary part or is their some other meaning in it?
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• 3/4/2015

The Hexagon.

A) I have an irregular hexagon where the side a is smaller than side b and side b is smaller than side c and so-on. I place 6 squares equal to the length of the side they are touching. What relationships can I draw from this?
B) I then go on to connect the sides of the squares parallel to the hexagon to form triangles. What relationships can I draw from this?
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• 2/20/2015

The World Education System

This is a thread to talk about the American education system vs the British.  
For the record America no longer has tests that tell you what you should be but many american kids have no idea what they want to be or what they want to do
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• 2/5/2015

Was math discovered or was it invented?

One of the ways to get a wiki's activity booming is with discussions about topics that we are all intrested in.  More discussions means more people means more knowledge and a larger contribution.  
So what do you guys think?  Was math invented as many practical/applied mathematicions would like to believe or was it discovered as many pure athematimaticions would have it?
Do math exist in the natural world or do we just use math to explain it?  Was math around before we started using it?  These are all very big questions that i don't have the full story so I would like to hear your thoughts and speculations.
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